Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 4...

Two more boosters from our class got saved today!

During line-up time, all the little ones from the neigboring classes wanted to show off their ribbons and tell me their plans to get more. -The kids have really warmed up to all the teachers...I even had a random little girl from another class give me a hug today for absolutely no reason! : )

We had 30 kids in our class again! One was absent, but we had a visitor. One of the Junior classes is trying to double their first day's attendance because if they do, their teacher volunteered his helper to take a pie in the face. (If I remember right from last year, it's a pie tin with shaving cream in it.) Miss Kathie told me that she thought that was a good idea, but thankfully for me, she was only joking. : )

Sadly, tomorrow is our last day. In the evening we will have the final program, in which the boosters show off the things they have learned and get their awards.

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