Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Afternoon of Adventure

My brother just bought a convertible.

It needs some work, (well, actually, a lot of work) but the very fact that it is a convertible turns it in our eyes from a piece of junk to a very fun toy. : )

The other day, my brother, (Tristan) Mommy, and I set out to drive around a bit.

Our trip took us along winding country roads and past picturesque mansion-like farmhouses…

And ended at a park on the river.

When we got out, Tris checked to make sure nothing was leaking.

Then we walked out onto a dock, where I almost fell in the river when a boat came in and the dock rocked unexpectedly.

When we started back, Tristan was just talking about how well the car started and ran, when the car suddenly died, and wouldn’t start again.

He took a look at the engine, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong…

So he pushed it into a nearby parking space and called a tow truck.

While we waited for the tow truck, Mommy and I went exploring …

After a while a very nice sheriff came up and asked us if we were all right. We explained what had happened and that we had a tow truck coming, and then he left.

When the tow truck came, the driver took one look at the car and knew exactly what was wrong, and fixed it in a manner of seconds! (a connection was loose somewhere.) Tris was not looking forward to paying $40 for something so simple, but when he asked the driver how much we owed him, he told us that he wouldn’t charge us! It was such a blessing!

So then we had a lovely ride home, and returned just in time to keep from getting rained on, which is important at the moment because the convertible has no fabric on the frame for the top!

In all, it was a very fun adventure. : )


Garden of Glory said...

What an adventure! I hope you take this in the right light, but I think it would have been fun if you really had fallen into the lake :D

Gwennie said...

I must admit that it would have made a far more interesting picture if I had. : ) But then my camera would have gotten wet, and that would have put an end to the picture taking.