Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Early Thirst

(Psalm 63)
The quiet light begins to dawn.
My soul awakes, as it is drawn
By silent thirst, with op'ning eyes
To cast off night and from slumber rise.
A soul a-thirst, all consuming need
To open Thy word and upon it feed.
As a droughted land, dry and parched I lay
'Till thus I awoke at break of day.
I long, not for water for a thirsty tongue ,
Nor yet for heart-soothing songs to be sung;
No! 'Tis more needful than all for me
To wake, arise, and commune with Thee.
Oh, with my thirsty eyes to see
Thy power and glory revealed to me!
--To know your blest presence nearer yet
Than when in Thy house with Thee I met!
More than life my Lord, my all!
Thy lovingkindness doth upon me fall.
I shall proclaim how great Thou art
With joyful lips and hungry heart.
While life is in me, I'll praise Thy name
And bless Thee, evermore the same
With greatful heart my hands I'll raise
And offer up my inadequate praise.
I come, and know that Thou shalt fill
My hungry soul, this morn so still,
As with a feast of extravegant things
Fit to be set before the richest kings!
Thus satisfied at last, I raise
My sated heart and lips to praise
The greatness of Thyself, and then
Begin to hunger, and to feed again!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Voiceless Rejoicing

The past 4 days I have been without my voice due to allergies. I naturally tend to complain when such things happen to me, but Ephesians 5:20 says that we ought to give thanks always in all things, so here are a few things I am (silently) giving thanks for.

*My K-4 class is learning to pay close attention to their teacher.
*I actually experienced silence in my classroom during a schoolday!!
*I am less likely to say something I shouldn't
*I have an excuse to sleep more. : )
*I got to enjoy listening to my church's choir sing during the cantata rehersal today.
*Tea, anyone?
*I have an excuse not to make phone calls. : )

Seriously, though. It is strangely blessed to be without my normal speaking voice for a while. I am learning to appreciate silence, and to listen to others.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thought this was funny...

So there I was, finishing up the last few things at my desk after re-decorating my classroom for the month, when I chanced to look over and see this:

My first inclination was to be annoyed that the banner I had just worked so hard to hang straight was now falling off the wall, but then the irony of it struck me and I had to laugh.
God is so gracious! : )