Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 5...

Today was the final day of NBT. The teachers all looked tired this morning, especially the evangelists, but all were smiling and energetic by the time their classes began lining up. Somehow, the law of entropy did not apply to me this week. Instead of becoming more and more tired with each passing day, I ended up with more and more energy each day. (Probably due to the fact that so many people had been praying that all the NBT workers would have strength and energy.)

30 in attendance again this morning, and once again, some were absent, but we had enough visitors to balance it out.

Tonight we had the final program, and only about half our class showed up. It was great to see the kids that did show up recieve awards and cheer the other classes on. I sat at one end of the third grade row, by some of the boys. They were a bit wiggly toward the middle of the program, but for the most part, once I told them to be still, they were. (Though I think it was partly due to the fact that they were so tired that they didn't want to move anymore.) : )

In all, it was a great week, even though I did have to go outside of my comfort zone quite a few times. --I suppose that's partly what made it a great week, just seeing the things that God was doing in my heart and life as well as in the hearts and lives of many boosters and teens.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 4...

Two more boosters from our class got saved today!

During line-up time, all the little ones from the neigboring classes wanted to show off their ribbons and tell me their plans to get more. -The kids have really warmed up to all the teachers...I even had a random little girl from another class give me a hug today for absolutely no reason! : )

We had 30 kids in our class again! One was absent, but we had a visitor. One of the Junior classes is trying to double their first day's attendance because if they do, their teacher volunteered his helper to take a pie in the face. (If I remember right from last year, it's a pie tin with shaving cream in it.) Miss Kathie told me that she thought that was a good idea, but thankfully for me, she was only joking. : )

Sadly, tomorrow is our last day. In the evening we will have the final program, in which the boosters show off the things they have learned and get their awards.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 3...

Another amazing day today! We had 30 boosters in our class, and even the boosters who like to squeak by with the minimum of effort are getting excited about bringing visitors and earning ribbons.

The boosters earn ribbons by memorizing verses, bringing visitors, doing their study in the handbook, and attending. Nearly everyone in our class has passed us teachers by with their number of ribbons. (we each have six ribbons on our name tags, and, of course, can't earn more like the boosters.) I think the highest number of ribbons so far in our group is 12.

At least two more students from our class got saved today! It always amazes me how quickly the boosters understand the gospel and respond to it. There is no hesitating to count the cost, no delaying out of pride, just a simple childlike faith.

During one of the line up times today, I was standing by my class, when I heard my name...sort of. I realized that one of my boosters was trying to get my attention, but was calling me "Mrs. Gwennie". It's so hard for little ones to remember whether a lady is Miss or Mrs., so I didn't correct him just then --at least he was trying. : )

My class is very well trained by now --so well trained, in fact, that when I came to the end of the missionary story today, the boosters wouldn't let me build up suspense as I had planned to. Instead, as soon as I said, "and you know what happened then?" they all replied, "Come back tomorrow to find out!" : )

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 2...

Today was a great day at NBT! (see previous post if you're not sure what that is) We had 27 kids in our class, 17 of which did not attend our church. Our group averaged about 2 memory verses each, but almost every booster has great plans for tomorrow. : ) So far, six of the boosters in our class have prayed to accept Christ as Savior!

I must admit to not being as prepared as I could have been for the missionary story today, and there were several suspenseful pauses beginning with "and then..." while I found my place. (Suspenseful to the boosters and to me, since I had completely lost my place!)

The very best part of the day, however, was during the Primary rally, when I had the privelege of leading a former Sunday school student of mine to Christ! God truly is doing great and exciting things in our midst this week!

Come back tomorrow to find out what happens next!

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Bible Time!

This week I am helping with Neighborhood Bible Time at my church. For those of you who don't know what NBT is, it's kind of like a hyper vacation Bible school. : ) This year I get to help teach the 3d grade class, which had 23 boosters (kids) today! Thankfully, we had very few discipline issues to deal with, thanks to my "teacher 1" Miss Lowry and her exemplary classroom skills. : ) By the time she had finished the Bible story and memory verse, they sat so still and were so quiet while I told the missionary story, we had a very difficult time deciding who to give the two "quiet booster" prizes to.

Two of our boys accepted Christ as Savior today! (actually, it might be three, but I never heard the outcome of the third one's conversation with the counselor.) I had the privelege of counseling one of the boys, which was my very first time ever to lead someone to the Lord! It was a great blessing to me, and I'm looking forward to seeing how God will work in our class and others the rest of the week!

I plan to write more as the week goes, in NBT language, "Come back tomorrow to find out what happens next!" : )

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My computer died last week. Daddy thought at first that he would be able to fix it, but upon finding that he couldn't, he had me take it to the computer store to get it fixed.

So, Mommy and I set out one afternoon for the computer store. When we got there, I went in alone, because, after all, it was my computer, and two clueless ladies were probably not better than one in this case.

I had to wait a few minutes for someone to come out and help me, (it must have been their lunch hour) and when I showed my computer to the man who finally came up to the counter, his response was quite interesting.

Mr. Computer Guy: "Wow... This is a T23."
Miss Clueless: "Yes it is."
Mr. Computer Guy: "How long have you had this?"
Miss Clueless: "About four years or so."
Mr. Computer Guy: "It's time for a new computer."
Miss Clueless: (smiles and nods while thinking rather sarcastically) "Of course...and I suppose you want to sell me one"
Mr. Computer Guy: "We have some nice [insert brand name here] computers for $299."
Miss Clueless: "Oh. Well, my computer needs to be fixed. The fan has stopped working."
Mr. Computer Guy: "You have a fan in your hand."
Miss Clueless: "Uh, yeah. My Dad sent this with me. It's the fan from his old laptop which doesn't work -or, at least, the laptop doesn't work, but the fan is fine. He wanted me to ask if you could use it to fix my computer."
Mr. Computer Guy: "Well, let's see... Was your Dad's laptop the same as yours?"
Miss Clueless: "Umm, I think so? At least, it was similar enough to mine that he had to put my name on the bottom of mine to keep them from getting mixed up."
Mr. Computer Guy: (Trying to figure out how to get to the fan) "Hmm... Do you see another screw that has this symbol by it?"
Miss Clueless: (looking) " I don't. My Dad had the same trouble trying to get the fan out of his laptop last night. He did find a way to remove the keyboard eventually, though."

-Fifteen minutes later-

Mr. Computer Guy: "Aha! Got it! (Takes keyboard off) That's where that third screw was, right there, not marked at all.
Miss Clueless: "Oh."
Mr. Computer Guy: "And that's why there are two kinds of people: those who know what they're doing, and those who don't."
Miss Clueless: "And which are you?"
Mr. Computer Guy: "I'm inbetween."
Miss Clueless: "Oh...I see."
Mr Computer Guy: "Ok. So to fix your computer I will have to find a part, which may take
awhile. And that might buy you maybe a year, but at this point, it might be
better for you to buy a new computer. I mean, there is no such thing as new parts for this computer, and it will probably take a while to find a fan for it. We do have some great [insert brand name here] right now for only $299."
Miss Clueless: "So, are you saying it would be cheaper for me to buy a new computer than to get
this one fixed?"
Mr. Computer Guy: "No, not cheaper, but fixing this computer will only buy you about a year, maybe less."
Miss Clueless: "Uh-huh."
Mr. Computer Guy: (Typing) "So, I'll get you signed in here...and it may be a while before I can find a part for you. What's your last name?"
Miss Clueless: (Spells last name)
Mr. Computer Guy: "And first name?"
Miss Clueless: (Spells first name)
Mr. Computer Guy: "Are you sure?"
Miss Clueless: (Suprised) "Uh, I think so."
Mr. Computer Guy: "Let's check. (Turns over computer) Ah... it was 'yn'."
Miss Clueless: (Somewhat incredulously) "Did I say 'in'?"
Mr. Computer Guy: "I think so."
Miss Clueless: "I must be tired."

So he signed my computer in and printed out the estimate, and I left, very happy to have that task finished. : )

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Afternoon of Adventure

My brother just bought a convertible.

It needs some work, (well, actually, a lot of work) but the very fact that it is a convertible turns it in our eyes from a piece of junk to a very fun toy. : )

The other day, my brother, (Tristan) Mommy, and I set out to drive around a bit.

Our trip took us along winding country roads and past picturesque mansion-like farmhouses…

And ended at a park on the river.

When we got out, Tris checked to make sure nothing was leaking.

Then we walked out onto a dock, where I almost fell in the river when a boat came in and the dock rocked unexpectedly.

When we started back, Tristan was just talking about how well the car started and ran, when the car suddenly died, and wouldn’t start again.

He took a look at the engine, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong…

So he pushed it into a nearby parking space and called a tow truck.

While we waited for the tow truck, Mommy and I went exploring …

After a while a very nice sheriff came up and asked us if we were all right. We explained what had happened and that we had a tow truck coming, and then he left.

When the tow truck came, the driver took one look at the car and knew exactly what was wrong, and fixed it in a manner of seconds! (a connection was loose somewhere.) Tris was not looking forward to paying $40 for something so simple, but when he asked the driver how much we owed him, he told us that he wouldn’t charge us! It was such a blessing!

So then we had a lovely ride home, and returned just in time to keep from getting rained on, which is important at the moment because the convertible has no fabric on the frame for the top!

In all, it was a very fun adventure. : )