Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 3...

Another amazing day today! We had 30 boosters in our class, and even the boosters who like to squeak by with the minimum of effort are getting excited about bringing visitors and earning ribbons.

The boosters earn ribbons by memorizing verses, bringing visitors, doing their study in the handbook, and attending. Nearly everyone in our class has passed us teachers by with their number of ribbons. (we each have six ribbons on our name tags, and, of course, can't earn more like the boosters.) I think the highest number of ribbons so far in our group is 12.

At least two more students from our class got saved today! It always amazes me how quickly the boosters understand the gospel and respond to it. There is no hesitating to count the cost, no delaying out of pride, just a simple childlike faith.

During one of the line up times today, I was standing by my class, when I heard my name...sort of. I realized that one of my boosters was trying to get my attention, but was calling me "Mrs. Gwennie". It's so hard for little ones to remember whether a lady is Miss or Mrs., so I didn't correct him just then --at least he was trying. : )

My class is very well trained by now --so well trained, in fact, that when I came to the end of the missionary story today, the boosters wouldn't let me build up suspense as I had planned to. Instead, as soon as I said, "and you know what happened then?" they all replied, "Come back tomorrow to find out!" : )

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