Friday, August 28, 2009


How sweet to be a child of God
In times of peace and rest
When thankful praises smoothly flow
From heart and mouth, for well I know
How much my Heavenly Father has blessed.

How sweet to be a child of God
In times of want and woe
When in my Father’s arms I hide
There, through His grace I safe abide
Though harsh the winds of worry blow.

How sweet to be a child of God
Where e’er my pathway lies
In health or sickness, toil or rest
My Father gives that which is best
For He is infinitely wise!

Monday, August 17, 2009

An Ant in the Offering Envelope

It was one of those strange mornings when everything seems to go just a little different than usual. Of my seven Sunday school students, one came in sulking about something, one had separation anxiety and wouldn't leave my lap, one was sad about something and cried most of the class, and the rest were either extra sleepy or extra energetic. I was the only teacher that morning, because my helper was out of town, and our class routine was a bit different that morning anyway. And now, as I filled out the attendance sheet in the offering envelope, out fell an ant! I couldn't help but laugh as I looked at the little ant crawling on my hand and tried to imagine where he had come from.

Perhaps, I thought, one of the little boys in my class had picked him up on the way into class, stuck him in a pocket, and forgotten about him. Or maybe he was part of an invasion force, and inadvertantly crawled on to one of my students, falling into the envelope with the precious pennies and dimes of the offering. Or I suppose it could have crawled in with the attendance sheet. At any rate, there it was, crawling around bewilderedly, no doubt wondering where it was.

It had certainly been a very strange morning...