Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Grand Adventure Part 4

Day 4-5 We never actually did succeed in getting enough sleep during our stay in Florida, so even though the sessions were extremely interesting and beneficial, the days did kind of blur together. Some highlights, though, were:
  • Learning: In addition to the sessions, we had Ken Ham as a special speaker one night, (At which time Katie bought lots of books, and since she said I could borrow them, we were both happy!) and we also went to the planetarium. It was nice to go to a planetarium show again, especially since the shows on campus were not jam-packed full of evolution! Katie and I both enjoyed the show a lot.
  • Eating: The food was very good! I even got to have cheesy grits, eggs, and bacon for breakfast! --My brother was jealous. : ) They also had real southern sweet tea... but more on that later.
  • Music: We were able to borrow a practice room and play piano/penny-whistle duets to our hearts' content! We also took the opportunity to score out a song I had written. We had a game we played while we were on campus that had to do with keeping track of what brand and style each piano we saw was. (There were two Yamahas and the rest were Kawai)
  • Being Amazed: by God's love for us as we heard each speaker bring up something that we had discussed in our morning and evening quiet times each day!

Day 6 We only had one session on the last day, and the rest of the day was spent rushing around to get all the last-minute details taken care of before our flight home. I had some sweet tea that morning, and again at lunch, which made me very jittery (And wide awake!) on our flights. Both our flights were bumpy, and that combined with the jitters made me rather on edge. The flights took longer, so I was very ready to be home! As we passed the mountain and the textured green of trees began, I was so excited that I was almost jumping up and down in my seat. (But it seemed like everyone else was excited, too, when the captain announced that we had begun the final descent.) It was all Katie and I could do to keep from cheering as the plane landed and we were safely home again!


Rebecca said...

I felt like cheering, too, when I saw you safely home after your adventure!! ^_^

Gwennie said...

Aww... you're so sweet!

Love you, Mommy!