Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Grand Adventure Part 2

How good it is to be home again! For those of you who would like to see pictures, you can get to them by clicking the Flikr link at the side of my blog.

There is much I could say about our trip, but I think the best way to tell about it would be chronologically. So... here goes!

Day 1 Saturday was spent mostly in traveling, though we had a great time talking and laughing our way through both flights and the navigation of unfamiliar streets to get to our hotel. Katie and I quickly found out that we are more alike than either of us had realized, which was good because we were going to be stuck with each other for 5 days. We found our way to the hotel with a minimum of confusion, and after checking in, we got into the elevator --at which time I found out that elevators make Katie a bit dizzy. Unfortunately, the stairs were outside in the 104 degree weather, so we opted for dizziness. Thankfully, she didn't walk into any walls during our time there. (Although I nearly did once without being dizzy!)

Day 2 After staying up entirely too late the night before, we got up early enough to have breakfast before walking what seemed like a very long way across campus to church. It was very strange to be cold in one's room, and then walk outside at 8 a.m. to find it warmer than a hot day at home would be! Once we found our way to church, we wandered around the huge building for a while, "happening" to find a doorway that gave us a good view of the orchestra practice. : ) Eventually we stumbled upon (but not literally, thankfully!) an usher standing outside a Sunday school classroom. After talking with a few people, who each reacted exactly the same way when we told them where we were from, ("Wow! You're a long way from home! Are you here for the seminar?" we went into the classroom and took our seats. When the teacher had all the visitors stand and say where they were from, we discovered that the person sitting next to us was from the same state as we were!

After Sunday school, we wandered a bit more before finding seats in the sanctuary with a sufficient view of the orchestra. While we waited for the service to start, we examined the hymnal to see if our favorite hymns were in it (At which time Katie decided we were both hymnal geeks.) and enjoyed people-watching --for which we had an abundant supply of subjects, as the room was ginormous! The sermon was very good, but we both missed our church's enthusiasm when one of the songs was "Beulah Land" (Praise God!) Over all, we enjoyed both services, and were blessed to discover that God had decided to tailor the messages to complement the very things we had discussed during devotions that morning!

After church in the evening, we went out to get some food from what the GPS said was an Albertson's, but which turned out to be a different grocery store on the same spot. (Go figure!) As we drove there, we could see flashes of lightning behind the clouds and hear thunder. --We felt right at home! : )

And then, after discovering that "cinnamon roll" pudding tasted just like oatmeal, we tried to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. (Failing miserably in the attempt.) : )

And that was day two...

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Garden of Glory said...

I'm glad you had a great time, Gwennie!