Friday, May 15, 2009


I am convinced that our copier hates me.

There I sat, minding my own business while I waited for it to finish the simple task of printing out pages for my Sunday school class, and all of a sudden it started acting up.

First, it ran out of paper. (OK, maybe I should have checked to make sure there was enough paper to begin with, but still, it was only one page into the job, and there was still paper in it!) Then, despite all my efforts to feed the paper to it correctly, it printed only one more page before smugly blinking its red exclamation point to tell me that, yes, I most definitely was not smarter than the paper tray. In the process of my third attempt, the printer grabbed a large chunk of paper and fed it in piggybacked on the one that was already printing, causing me to worry that it would jam. It managed not to, however, and is now noisily clunking away, sounding a bit like it's chuckling at my lack of technological talent.

Oh, well. -I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually! : )

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April said...

The next time your copier has a temper tantrum, you can use the one in the media room at church for your Sunday school pages :)