Thursday, May 21, 2009


Once again, I have a cold. I knew it was coming when I found myself giving my piano students alliterated assignments. (“Accurate articulation, please!”) For some reason, this particular cold makes me break out in random fits of alliteration, resulting in much hilarity at my house, since I usually don’t realize that I’m doing it. The odd thing is, my whole family has this same cold, and none of them are alliterating anything! –It’s quite a puzzle.

It’s very interesting to have everyone sick all at once. Each person in my household is in different stages of the same cold, and we seem to be taking turns as to which of us feels better at any given moment. Yesterday, I felt better than Mommy did, so I did most of the day’s housework. Today, I attempted to do the dishes, but after the hour it took me to unload the dishwasher, due to sneezing fits, I gave up. (Pathetic, I know, but quite true.) Mommy, who is feeling slightly better today, ended up finishing my task for me.

Dinner tonight caused a bit of a problem, though, because I am in no state to be cooking for anyone, but then again, neither is anyone else. After discussing the dilemma, we agreed that the best option was to have leftovers. –As Mommy pointed out, no one wants to cook, so we’re all going to. Sick people are rarely the most logical. : )


holly daniele smith said...

This was hilarious. Get well soon, dear!

Gwennie said...

Thank you!!

I think I'm nearly well. -Now if I can just avoid another relapse! : )