Monday, February 2, 2009

Intrepid Explorers

Mommy and I were feeling quite adventurous today, and since it was so bright and sunny out, we decided to see if we could find the greenway that starts just down the street from Little Woodrose. We succeeded not only in finding the greenway, we also discovered that it leads to a huge park near us.
The first part of the greenway was paved and, although clean and pretty, very urban-looking. It was a pretty trail in its own way, but was made charming by the presence of a darling little boy who was walking with his mother and sisters just behind us. We had passed the little group when they stopped to pet a dog, and after that the little boy would periodically cry “come on, we have to catch up!” or “I can run right up to them…see?” and then we would hear his little feet running on the trail until he was right behind us, and was obliged to stop out of shyness. It was quite amusing to listen to him, and I couldn’t keep from laughing when I heard him say “Mommy I found another stick!” and saw him pick up a new stick to add to the small collection he was already carrying. : )

After a while, the greenway began to follow a fairly large creek, and the pavement was replaced by gravel. It was much more pleasant to walk through at that point.

Before we knew it, the trail forked at the entrance to a large park. (The sort of park one would play at, not a nature park.) We explored that a little bit, then, as the other fork of the trail beckoned, bending out of sight only a few feet along, we began to explore that instead.

We were only a little way down the trail, when we ran into a dead end, as the trail appeared to be cut off by a bend in the creek. There was a rather treacherous-looking trail continuing along the steep side of the creek bed, but part of it had fallen away, rendering it impassable. We then noticed that there were some square stones placed in the creek bed, and on the little islet between the bends in the creek. We then noticed that it looked like there were even more in the next bend in the creek, looking much like a path. There was too much water flowing over the nearest ones to walk on, but when Mommy said that we should explore it in the summer when there was less water, the adventurous and daring nine-year old in me was seized with a sudden determination to get across.

I did.

I could have gotten across the next crossing and explored further, but Mommy was getting tired, so we went home. Next time, though, I plan to go as far as I can! : )

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