Friday, January 2, 2009

The Yellow Rose...

There it blooms, a yellow rose,
Opened to the winter sky.
Cold the biting, sharp wind blows
The tattered leaves about my toes,
Yet summer blooms nearby!

The wind and rain have swept the land
And caused the autumn leaves to fall.
And yet, the hearty rose doth stand
Untouched by Winter’s chilly hand
And heedless of his call.

Here the rose most cheerily waves
Amidst the blighting, blustery blast
The rain and snow she sweetly braves
Her scent the traveler’s way now paves
With hopes of summer at last.

Thus may I be, in life’s cold day,
When all around seems dull and drear,
Oh, may I be the one who paves
Others’ paths with cheery ways
And hope, for Heaven is near!


Garden of Glory said...

I just figured out what it is I see in you - a gentle spirit. God bless you as you enter a new week!

April said...

Gwennie, did you write this poem?

Gwennie H. said...

Yes, I wrote it last year while I was walking to the place I teach at. All the poetry on my blog is original.

I'm so glad you found my blog! :)

April said...

Well, all I can say, Gwennie, is that it's simply beautiful! I'm glad that I 'found' your blog too! May the Lord bless your day, April

April said...

I've been meaning to ask you - may I post this poem on my facebook?

Gwennie H. said...

Yes, as long as you say who wrote it! :)

April said...

Totally! First and last name okay?

Gwennie H. said...

That's fine. :)