Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Cure for Boredom

During our recent snowstorm, I found it hard to adjust to not being so very busy as I had been. I actually found myself (gasp!) getting bored. There is never any excuse for being bored, though, and I usually found plenty to do with my spare time once I tried to. One cure for boredom I have always found effective is to go for a walk. Unfortunately, I can't go walking by myself anymore, so my poor mother had to go with me every time. So even in the nastiest weather, we would bundle up and go for our daily walk. Today, Mommy and I went for a walk in the pouring rain, and as we walked, I got to thinking about the different things that make walking so delightful. I came to the conclusion that each season has different things that I enjoy.

In spring, I love to watch the world come to life again as the new plants sprout, clothing creation in myriad shades of vibrant green. It is always exciting to note the arrival of the snowdrops, crocuses, and primroses; which are always followed by violets and daffodils, ushering in the return of blooming bulbs, such as tulips. Then, when the early spring flowers are in full bloom, the trees join in the fun, donning beautiful blossoms which give variety to the bright green of their newly sprouted leaves. The delight of a spring walk is found in the unfolding of the beauty which is so abundant during that season.

In summer, it is lovely to enjoy the warm sun, and the smells of the flowers that yield their scents to the gentle breeze. All around seems bright and beautiful, and nothing makes one appreciate it more than a walk down a cool, shady lane. In the summer, one feels one must walk slower, not only because it is warmer, but because the beguiling beauty of the day beckons, ready to show its wonders to any who will take the time to watch.

Autumn displays the full glory of its changeful nature as one watches the warm, bright days of summer change into the cold, gloomy days of winter. As in spring, one day might be at once stormy and sunny, harsh and mild, resulting in frequent appearances of rainbows. Its beauty is displayed in the bright colors of changing leaves, which fall from their branches, covering the world with their vibrant and varied hues. The chiefest of pleasures associated with an autumn walk, however is in shuffling through the leaves on a dry day, and listening to the gentle rustle they make as they are stirred by the breeze.

Winter brings with it cold and rain and snow, which, though making it rather unpleasant to walk at times, makes the otherwise dry, dead landscape nicer to look at. Snow, of course is by its very nature a beautifier, covering all the mud and bare, dead-looking trees and plants, and making them look completely different. Rain, also makes things look different by intensifying the colors of the few plants yet green. It turns bare, marshy areas into muddy lakes, and fills dents, making mud puddles. Aside from the vibrant colors and marvelous mud puddles of a rainy day and the beauty of a snowy day, the fun of a winter walk is largely found in coming home afterwards. On stormy days when all looks grey and cold, there is nothing nicer than to go for a walk, get soaking wet, and then come home and dry out. (Especially if you happen to have a fireplace or woodstove to sit by.)

So, next time you are bored, try the best cure I know; take a walk and view the beauty that is to be found in God’s creation. -It is always there if you look for it!

"The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork"

~Psalm 19:1~

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