Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Cold Outside!

This morning, I went outside to take some pictures of our yard with the sun shining on the snow. I was only outside for a few minutes, but when I came in again, my hands were numb, even though I had been wearing gloves. I don’t remember it ever being this cold out, but Daddy tells me that before I was born, there were several winters when it was colder for long periods of time. Thankfully, we have a brand new heating system and two wood stoves, so our house has been quite warm.

In our backyard, there is a four or five inch layer of snow, crusted over with ice. Unfortunately, it’s too powdery to make snowballs or snowmen. Somehow, our neighbors managed to get their snow to compact enough to build an igloo. It’s pretty impressive. Really, the only thing this kind of snow is good for is sledding. (Too bad we don’t have a good place to sled here.) As I was doing dishes this morning, I noticed that two of the kids from across the street had brought their little sled over and were trying to sled down our driveway. It must not have worked very well, because they each tried it once, and then went away. It was fun to watch, though.

It is so nice to be done with school and able to help around the house again! I baked the first two batches of Christmas cookies today, which made my brother very happy. –I think they are almost half gone. : ) We don’t have a mixer that works right now, so I spent some quality time with a mixing bowl and my favorite wooden spoon. I shall have very strong arms by the time Christmas is over!

My family went for a walk in the little park near our house yesterday. We took lots of pictures, until the camera ran out of batteries. At one point, while we were waiting for Mommy to finish taking a picture, Tristan (my brother) came over to where I was standing, quite innocently, staring off into space. Tristan reached over and deftly shook the little tree I was standing under, neatly dusting me with snow. Later on, I tried to retaliate by throwing a snowball at him, but it fell apart mid-air so he barely felt it. –Oh the helplessness of being the youngest! : )

The wind blew so hard last night, even the woodbox doors rattled! Between the cold and the wind, we discovered that our house can make some very odd noises. : ) But none of our huge trees fell over, for which we are very thankful. (Being squished like a bug doesn’t seem like it would be very pleasant.)

The snow is very pretty, and is especially beautiful on all the trees we have in our yard, but I do wish it would go away. Snow is nice for a day or two, but here it inevitably turns to ice, which shuts everything down. I shouldn’t complain, though, because the storm saved me from having to play an offertory that wasn’t quite ready. : )
Perhaps snow can be useful, after all!

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