Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Without...

“A Christmas without.” I thought with a sigh
As I wandered alone through the wintry wild
“It’s unthinkable!” was my quiet cry
To the world around me with snowdrifts piled.

“A Christmas without. –What would Christmas be,
After all, without guests to cheer our home,
Merrily gathered ‘round the Christmas tree?”
-Thus I thought as I continued to roam.

“A Christmas without all the things that seem
To make all our Christmases Christmassy?
No church, no caroling, no soft, bright gleam
Of Advent candles, -how can it be?

“A Christmas without…” Then I looked to the sky
And the sparkling stars reminded me
Of the star which brought the wisemen nigh
To the child who was born to set us all free.

“A Christmas without…” I began to ponder,
Remembering why Christ came to earth.
In the snowy stillness I ceased to wander
Stopping to think on my Savior’s birth.

“A Christmas without.” -now I ceased to pout,
For the baby born in that wintry wild
Long, long ago had “a Christmas without”
-Only shepherds came to see the small child.

“A Christmas without –Yes, now I see!”
I said, to the snowflakes beginning to fall
Yet again, “A Christmas without just might be
The best and most blessed Christmas of all!”

Happy Christmas Everyone!

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