Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Spring!

Beneath the earthen mounds of fallen leaves
Reduced to loam by winter’s rain and snow
Three sisters slumber, till Spring's call relieves
Their drowsy captivity therebelow.
Brave Snowdrop with great hope emerges first,
Sweetly she bends her most elegant head
To bear the cold retreating winter’s worst
Before rousing her sisters from their bed.

Then Crocus climbs to her perilous post
To cheer and gaze upon the passers by
While humble Violet wakes, by grass engrossed,
To spread her sweetness, half-hidden and shy.

Each sister in her peculiar way
Proclaims the coming of Spring’s first bright day!


Rebecca said...

I am happy to say, we've seen all three! Yippee! ;-)

Gwennie said...

Hooray!! : )