Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sometimes when my mom or I are very tired, we unintentionally invent interesting new words by either trying to simultaneously say two other words, or by trying to say one word and failing miserably in the attempt. : )

Tonight Mommy was very tired, and instead of saying "technically", like she wanted to, out popped the interesting word that titles this post. I was very amused, and decided the word was a keeper.

I looked the word up on several Internet dictionaries, which, being Internet dictionaries (and free ones, at that) were not very helpful. It seems this very interesting word is one and the same with the word "technology". --Either that or the dictionaries just looked for the word that was closest and came up with technology. (I couldn't tell.)

Then I looked it up in my trusty Webster's, but, of course, it didn't appear on the pages of that venerable old resource. So, my mom and I were left to define it on our own.

My best guess at a definition would be the study of technicalities, but Mommy (still very tired) has decided that it most definitely is the study of technical colleges. : )

What do you think?

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