Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello everyone out there in blog-land who reads my prattling posts! (Yes, all 10 of you.) If you have noticed that I have not posted anything on my blogs in a long time, well, I noticed that too, and an explanation will follow. --If you haven't noticed, you're not paying attention. ; )

Well, part of the reason I have not been posting is that my computer decided some time ago to start having "grumpy days" where it would not go on the internet. This was accompanied by extreme slowness and slight confusion. My computer was four years old, (which I have been told is very elderly in computer years) so perhaps it was to be expected. After all, people of advanced years do tend to be a bit grumpy, slow, and confused, so why shouldn't my computer?

Well, God decided it was time for me to stop borrowing my dad's computer and get a new one of my own. So yesterday, Mommy, Daddy and I went to the nearby electronics store (which is so large, I affectionately call it the Cabela's for geeks.) Once inside the store, we skimmed the aisles until a friendly "associate" pointed us to the "notebook" section. (By the way, for those of you who don't speak computer, "notebook" means laptop, not to be confused under any circumstances with "netbook", which is something like a baby laptop.)

After what seemed like a very long time walking up and down one aisle, debating the pros and cons and prices of each one, I finally made a decision, and Daddy went to find a clerk to help us. (Which I was very glad of, because I'm sure they all could tell that I was not a geek, and was therefore a bit out of my element.)

Daddy came back with the clerk, and the debates began. First he tried to convince me that a different computer "which is really a better system" and "for the same price" was really what I needed, but thankfully, Daddy knew better, and told him so. (Nicely, of course.) Then, just like Mr. Computer Guy in a previous post, he tried to get me to spend more money --this time by using all his powers of elequence and wit to sell me an extra-special warranty and a laptop bag and a new surge-protector. (Once again, for those not literate in computer-speak, that just means a plug strip.) Daddy was busy picking out a new mouse for me, (a pink one!) so that he could keep mine, which he had been using, so I was on my own. This clerk tried quite hard not to take no for an answer, and not until Daddy came back over did he yield and try to accept the fact that we had a surge-protector already, Goodwill had better laptop bags for cheaper, and the regular warranty would do just fine for me, thank you.

Then we meandered to the front of the store. (One can never walk directly anywhere in such stores, it seems. One member of the party or other is constantly walking off to look at something.) I paid for the laptop, and for the first time in my life, held a new computer of my very own in my hands.

And now I am sitting at said computer, happily typing away, listening to some music and using my pretty new pink mouse.

So, theoretically, there will be more posts to follow...


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

What kind of a computer did you get? We are looking forward to seeing you in June!


Gwennie said...

It's a Toshiba Satellite. My brother has one, but it's older than mine, so mine's better. : )

I'm looking forward to seeing you all too!!