Thursday, February 4, 2010

Please Don’t Eat the Violets!

Today I solved a great mystery: I found out what was eating my violets. Ever since the first violet began to bloom, the plants and flowers have been riddled with tiny holes. Well, today when I was tending the plants, I noticed a tiny worm at the center of one of the frayed and tattered blossoms. The first white violet had suffered a similar fate, and next to it I found a much bigger version of the same kind of worm. Hopefully now that I know what to look for, I can rid the plants of these nasty nibblers.


Anonymous said...

Those meanies....

BTW, great job on the offertory on Sunday... it was really good. I loved how the piece had the crisp high notes playing the melody describing the sky and the lower notes placing the earth firmly beneath the feet. It was a good rendition of that song... I could visualize it very well. O love of God! So I wanted to tell you on Sunday after you played but I forgot. :( Thank-you for not being selfish with the abilities God has taught you!

Peter K.

Gwennie said...

Thanks, Peter. I really enjoyed spending so much time with that song as I was practicing it. What a great reminder of the depth of God's love for us!

It's good to know that the music painted the words so well! After all, that was what I was trying for. : )