Friday, January 1, 2010


Maura, this one's for you. --an episode from our childhood. : )

Once upon a time, three young girls walked along a wooded path, pretending. They walked quickly, for they were imagining that they were sisters, on the run from the wicked schoolteacher and his wife, who had persuaded the orphanage they had been left at a month before to give them custody of the three young girls, who were orphaned when their parents died tragically, --though none of the girls had decided yet what the cause of their tragic fate had been. The schoolteacher and his wife only wanted the girls because they had inherited a large mansion, and lots of money, so of course the poor sisters were sadly mistreated, forced to be servants to the terrible couple, until that fateful morning.

They had escaped the house early, before anyone was up, taking with them a small bag of provisions, which they had snatched from the kitchen on their way out of the house. As they walked, they discussed what they were to do, now that they had escaped from their dreadful guardians. The oldest, Rose, led the way through the forest, looking for some shelter where they could hide. All sorts of dangers lurked in the shadows of the forest, and it was as the girls were discussing which of those dangers they were to encounter on their journey, when something unexpected happened.

Rose was forging bravely ahead, saying, “Be careful, girls, and make sure you keep close. There are bears in these woods,” when, all of a sudden, with a great and terrifying roar, something came crashing through the woods towards them! The three young girls, being young girls, screamed loudly and ran as fast as they could. One fell over, and as the others stopped to help her up, they looked up and saw what it was that had been chasing them.

Shocked out of character, and rather upset, the three girls turned, and saw the familiar friendly face of the man they had taken for a bear, who looked somewhat embarrassed and very amused. He explained that he had thought they were trespassers, and decided to teach them a lesson by scaring them.

~And so ended the saga of the three sister’s daring and dangerous escape.


maura todd said...

haha. oh gosh. i can still feel the terror of that day. ;) good times!!

Gwennie said...

Yup! I can still see you yelling at our "bear" for scaring us! : )

Good times, indeed!!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hi Gwennie!

That story is so funny! :)

A few years ago one of my friends told me about a scratch on one of the logs on their trail by their house. She told me that she thought a bear had done it. I told all my siblings about it and she told hers… Eventually our two families took a walk together and she showed us the area. To which her father announced, “I did that”… He had done it with his chainsaw! That was one of our funny bear moments!

Anyhow I loved the story! And by the way- last month I met a family from your church. :) I hope to see you soon!

God Bless You!