Saturday, October 17, 2009


I love thunderstorms! They’re probably my favorite part of fall. That’s why I was so excited this morning when my attention was turned away from doing dishes by the distant rumbling of thunder. Our house is great for storm watching, but with all the trees around, lightning is harder to spot than at my old house, where I could stand at my upstairs window and see above the trees. I watched as the storm grew closer and closer, the rumbling louder and louder, until it seemed it had passed.

Then the rain started. This wasn’t ordinary drizzly fall rain, this was RAIN. It poured from the sky like a waterfall, and from the sound of it, I thought it must have been hail. When I put my hand out to see, it was just very large raindrops falling very fast.

Usually rain seems to signal the end of such a storm, so imagine my surprise when, just as I stepped outside our sliding door to watch the rain, lightning flashed not fifteen feet away from me, followed immediately by the loudest peal of thunder I had ever heard right over our house! (I stepped back in very quickly after that!) : )

That was fifteen minutes ago, and now the rain has lessoned to a steady shower punctuated occasionally by the faint rumble of thunder in the distance.

I love fall!! : )

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holly daniele smith said...

I love fall too. I am very content right now. I am.