Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Sonnet

Fear Not
~I John 4:18

In this world so full of uncertainties,
With winds of worry blowing all around
As all, so it seems, grows worse by degrees,
Where is a place of safety to be found?
Where indeed! Not in this dark world of woe
-Filled as it is with sickness, sin and strife.
Where is found peace from the buffeting blow
Of the winds of worry? Where are hope and life?
‘Tis only in Christ such peace may be found,
For He alone is Lord of wind and wave.
In Christ our Shepherd life and hope abound,
For Jesus alone has power to save.
Yea, one need never fret when God is near,
For His perfect love casteth out all fear!


Country Victorian said...

How wonderful to see your visit. Grab a cup of tea or anything special and come over and sit for a with me for awhile! Gwendoln, continue to be the woman God called you to and never be shaken by the prevailing culture that wants to ruin your vision. Don't let them have it! Stand firm, stand strong and waver not. In the end, you will overcome, be the better for it and be blessed beyond measure.


Mrs. Hollinger

PS-I love your chicken, pig humor!

Country Victorian said...

ooops, looks like I crashed some words together, just throw in some grace and overlook it. I am sure if you cross your eyes it will become clear:>)